Shrink wrapping is one of the best ways to seal and protect your retail package while at the same time providing a polished, upscale “look” to your product.

We have the necessary machinery to shrink wrap any size package including a manual L-Bar, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine for projects with higher volumes.

We use only the best shrink film with superior clarity to ensure that your package will look clean and crisp. We can begin production 24 hours after receiving your materials and can provide quick turnaround as required by your due dates.


Products that are shrink-wrapped include:

  • CD’s/DVD’s

  • Board Games

  • Software

  • Cosmetics

  • Twin-Pack Aerosols

  • Boxes of Candy

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Office Supplies

  • Calendars

  • Posters

  • Books

  • Frames

  • Gift Sets


  1. Overall size of package to be wrapped. (L x W x H)

  2. Volume: How many units will you need completed during this specific production run? (Our minimum run for shrink wrapping is 10K units)

  3. Final Pack-Out. Once your product is shrink wrapped, how many units did you want packed into a master shipping cartons?

  4. Timelines and lead-times. When do you need us to begin your project and when would you like us to complete the entire project?